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Where do you want to be in
5 years? 10 years? 

What about right now?

What if you could have the benefits of a traditional business career—but without someone else controlling your income, hours, partners and overall job security? Maybe you’re comfortable in your job but would like to increase your opportunities and income without trying to balance the multiple schedules created for you.

Technology is continuing to advance. The business world is rapidly changing—and you can take advantage of it. Take control of the possibilities. Enjoy what you do.

Welcome to Florida Benefits Group

We help Florida’s public service professionals retire with confidence.

We Present a Job Opportunity to Connect with Florida Educators

There are 76 school districts in the state of Florida, 4,500 public schools and about 350,000 in full-time staff between teachers and other school board employees.

The Problem: Most of them will not have an adequate amount of income in retirement if they rely solely on their state benefits. 

The Solution: To help bridge the income gap in retirement, a 403(b) plan can be utilized to help employees save—supplementing their state benefits to help them retire with confidence. 

Where You Come In: We have established relationships with the nation's leading 403(b) providers, and we need qualified representatives to help our Florida educators retire with the dignity they deserve.

Start Your Career

As a Florida Benefits Group representative, you'll build lasting relationships with your clients and help them achieve their financial goals, and you'll help solidify your own future, too. This career offers flexibility at a company where hard work is valued and rewarded.

Joining the Florida Benefits Group Team Gives You...

  • Access to contracted district relationships to work within this unique, niche market. A variety of proven solutions and services—including retirement planning, life insurance, disability and long-term care insurance to grow and secure the dreams and aspirations of the clients we serve.

  • The chance to become an advisor for a company that is committed to helping public service professionals achieve financial security. We measure our success by our client's success. As part of the Florida Benefits Group family, you will have the privilege of helping teachers and public servants who dedicate their lives to serving our communities.

  • Local support. Your local network office will help you build a business from the ground up with support from mentors and training tools. We’ll also assist you in guiding clients through a financial planning process, which reflects our belief that over a lifetime, most people will experience many different financial needs and circumstances. 

Training and Rewards

As a financial representative, you'll receive comprehensive learning and development—and ongoing support to help you build your career. Your hard work will be rewarded with opportunities for exceptional income potential, purpose in your career and a culture of growth, development and support for one another.

You'll Be Rewarded With:

  • Exceptional income potential.
    What you earn is directly related to your efforts and the relationships you develop with your clients. Financial representatives are compensated through commissions, renewals and bonuses.

  • Independence.
    We value ambition, and you are in the driver’s seat of your own career. We work hard to create a culture where you move forward as fast as you’d like, not as fast as you’re told. 
  • The incredible impact you will make.
    The work you do not only helps your clients make smarter decisions in their financial lives, it helps solve the problems preventing hardworking public servants from accomplishing their American dreams. It's our responsibility to grow and secure the aspirations of the clients we serve, so they can focus on the people and the passions in their lives that matter most to them.

See Where You Can Go 

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