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Our Clients

Partnering with Those Who Teach, Heal and Serve

In the State of Florida

As a public service professional, you dedicate your time and energy to the health, safety and well-being of others. We’re committed to serving you—just as you serve our kids, families and community at large.

We have seen firsthand how often advisors in the industry fail public service professionals. Whether they don’t take the time to explain benefits or don’t have a solid understanding of the Florida Retirement System, many of our community’s heroes have gone into retirement unequipped and ill prepared. We’re here to change that.

You Deserve to Feel Comfort and Stability Around Your Finances

Catering Exclusively to Public Service Professionals

For a More Secure and Fulfilling Financial Future

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police officer badge iconPolice Officers

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You’re Up Against Many Unique Financial Hurdles

Let Us Help 

We’ve harnessed a profound understanding of the FRS and can help you understand your state and county benefits—and use them to your full advantage when planning for retirement.

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