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Integrated Financial Services

Throughout Your Entire Public Service Career

Our  Philosophy & Solutions


Be intentional and diligent with your savings while protecting what you have. Our solutions are designed to help you live well today while preparing for a healthy financial future.


Investing helps you grow your savings, so you’ll have the money you need for all the years to come. We’ll create an investment strategy aligned with your life stage and goals.


Your paydays shouldn’t have to end when you say goodbye to your career. We’ll develop a plan to help you retire with income you can depend on.

How We Help You Save and Protect Your Wealth, Invest Wisely and Retire with Dignity:

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Retirement Planning

  • FRS pension and DROP, sick leave and the health insurance subsidy plan 
  • Social Security planning, medicare and healthcare planning
  • Income coordination

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Insurance Strategies

  • Strategies to protect you, your wealth and your family
  • Solutions personalized to meet your needs
  • Tactics coordinated with your FRS benefits

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Investment Management

  • FRS investment plan
  • 403(b) and 457 plan management
  • Personalized investment planning

Personalized Guidance for
Every Life Stage

A key element of what we do is help you take advantage of your benefits through your plan within your county and the state of Florida.

In building a relationship together, we are here for our clients through the entirety of their service careers. We tailor our strategies to your needs and stage in life, guiding you through each new life chapter with key insight.

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Early Career

As you begin your public service career, the decisions you make early on are critical. We can help you create strategies for saving for your life’s ambitions and will assist you with investing strategies within your 403(b)/457 plan.

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Mid Career

If you’re in your career’s mid stages, we look forward to talking through your vision for the rest of your working years. We’ll then take a look at your current financial circumstances and will identify opportunities that can help you reach your goals and a secure retirement. 

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End of Career

As you prepare to close the door on your career, we will work with you to coordinate every aspect of your retirement plan. Between your FRS benefits, Social Security, your 403(b)/457 plan, Medicare and insurance programs, we’ll help you transition into retirement with income that will support you for the rest of your life.

What Career Phase Are You In? 

Whichever stage of your career you’re currently in, we’d love to learn more about your situation and see how we can help. 

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